Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunset from Scout Scar nr Kendal

In a previous post I showed a timelapse of me build a PC, it was done using a Canon A590IS Powershot camera which boots to a temporary firmware version called Chdk, which someone has written a script to allow photos taken at set timings.

Saturday was a clear day so I decided to have a practice of using the sunset script available for Chdk, my plan was to go up to Scout Scar nr Kendal and photograph the sun setting then hopefully the stars becoming visable in the night sky.  Scout Scar is a popular place to Kendalians to go for a walk, there are great views available with little effort.  When I arrived on top of the Scar I did expect to see that the Lyth Valley was hiding under a sea of fog.  This was a spectical I've always wanted to experience but thought I'd would have to get up very early and climb up a mountain.

Timelapse of sunset from Scout Scar nr Kendal overlooking the Lyth Valley, as the valley fills up with fog, look at the hills in the background and you'll see the fog rising.  I didn't get any stars due to the camera pointing west but the fog more than made up for it.

This timelapse to produced using my Canon A590IS booting to chdk firmware with the sunset script. Pictures were taken every 10 seconds for about 1.5hrs, I used the settings recommended for the script in a countryside setting. 344 photos were taken which I converted into a video using virtualdub. 

* Sunset script
* Virtualdub

Also a very rough photo merge of Scout Scar with the Mushroom where on the left of the photo you can see the fogged out Lyth Valley - click for full size


Geoff Dellow said...

Lovely time lapse video. Great to see the waves of fog coming in and drowning the hills.

Great reminder of the scar

Paul said...

Would love to have caught the scar with that taking place and I frequently walk my dog up there yet I have never witnessed that. I really must catch it now that I have seen it. Thanks for sharing