Saturday, February 20, 2010

Runaway cow

On Thursday a cow from Kendal Auction Mart as reported on the Westmorland Gazette got spooked and escaped from mart.

As well as the story on the gazette site I've also been told that the cow headed up Appleby Road into Spital Park, whilst there he checked out our neighbours garden (nice hoof marks in grass).  Then into another neighbours garden who unfortunately came into contact with the cow and was tossed over, then the cow entered another garden causing some damage and left heading towards Shap Road.  The news report carrys on with the cow's journey down towards town where another person was tossed over and the cow finally had to be shot in the grounds of the cricket club. 

Over the years there's been the odd cow to escape from the mart or come through from the nearby fields, one occasion I remember a farmer appeared on our street looking for his lost sheep.

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