Monday, September 26, 2011

Broadband Cumbria Map

Below are two interactive maps, first map contains parish boundaries, green representing parishes that are known to have a parish champion, red if a parish champion isn't currently known (see previous post on how to supply info of champions that can be used to update this map).  Also on the map is the locations of current BT cabinets, data supplied for this was postcode based so location may not be exact.

In the second map is a guide of current broadband speed rate as supplied by BT, do I hear coughing in the audience, yes you'll correct in noticing that the circles look very uniform and I expect from you local experience that the reality of this speed estimates from BT are likely to be wildly different in the lower direction.

Now the fun bit, these maps are interactive, click anywhere on the maps and you'll get a popup giving champion details, cabinet details or BT speed estimate details.

Move one of the maps, the other map will move in line and vis-versa. You can zoom in/out of each map to make it easier to see your parish.  Finally as well at the normal Google Maps, I've included an OpenStreetMap overlay (set as default) which in some areas will contain more detail.

Thanks goes to everyone who's helped add to the data that's used for the overlays on these maps

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David said...

I hope BT's input to the Connecting Cumbria project is more truthful than the information provided for this map.