Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secret Kendal - Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post

Not a lot of people will be aware that hidden away on top of a hill just across from Kendal Castle towards Heron Hill is a Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post, it was closed in 1991 as the Cold War ended and was designed to detect radioactive fallout.  In the 80's our scout group were shown down inside the bunker, we were shown how they detected movement outside which didn't strike me as reliable as examples we were shown were the result of cloud movements.

Below 2 photos are what I took last summer, you can get to it by taking the footpath straight up the hillside from the entrance to Wasdale Close - I don't recommend exploring inside the bucker and previous visitor comments that there is asbestos inside. 

Following is a photo of the inside from a Mar 09 visitor who posted photos here link1 link2

Layout plan
More Info:-
Wikipedia - Link

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