Sunday, December 05, 2010

Automatically download BBC Listen Again Programming to your iPod

I like to listen to a lot of speak based radio, but I tend to never have the time to listen when they are broadcast and while the majority of these programme are available on BBC Listen Again this is no good when you want to listen to them in your car on a long commute to/from work.
For the last year or so I've been using Radio Downloader from
which has solved all my problems, it will automatically download my favourite BBC Listen Again programmes  to my PC with iTunes will automatically pick-up for sync'ing to my iPod touch to listen in my car.
I've produced a short walk through on how it all works, below press the right button to watch full screen (esc button to return to browser)  

I've also put a longer version (quality lower) on YouTube, 

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Colin Shelbourn said...

Very useful post.

Mac users can do something similar with

which allows you to schedule recordings ahead of time (daily, weekly) & from any radio station in the world. Fed up with BBC Radio 7 shifting Garrison Keillor around the schedule? Record it direct from Atlanta (where it lasts twice as long anyway).