Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mintfest Review - Saturday

Mintfest is bigger this year with the normal Saturday town centre performances extended to Sunday as well.

The Krishnous were one of the performances coming from Mintfest's Street Arts Summer School, the three of them were very good at interacting with the audience.

Back from last year Motionhouse with a performance called Cascade inspired by the Cumbria floods, I watched it a couple of times during the weekend 

These were a hit with the kids attempting to feed the silver lady without being seen by the grumpy maid

This old guy Vernon Ponder - The Thinker puzzled alot of people with his thoughts.

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band

RickshawAirship were very good this their performance 

Calamity Jane performed an entertain knife throwing set with an audience member

The Temperance Society strolling round Finkle Street

Basso Doble entertaining the public (frightening the odd toddler)

The Krishnous get a new member into their clan

Sport Day back again this year

Lee Hayes combine his passion for whisky and juggling

Rory and Morag on Mr & Mrs

Evening main event Blank Page, six people doing live painting

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