Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mintfest Review - 1st night

This years street arts festival was certainly packed with events jammed into 4 nights and 2 days.  I was out everyday, night and with so much on offer their was still lot that I didn't manage to see due mainly not being in the right place at the right time but this is one of the positive of Mintfest. Following few posts are an overview of what I managed to see starting with the first night.

First night it was a short journey south of Kendal to the Westmorland County Show ground for the main event Bombs Per Minute.  We get there early managing to beat the traffic jams by a quarter of an hour.  Before the grand finally we were treated to a local performance of Adrift a musical piece with lots of drums, light and small fireworks
Highlight of the night was Bombs per minute best described as 45mins of drum based music timed to multiple pyrotechnic explosions going of in all directions of the performance area.

To describe how excellent this was is understating it's greatness, I've never seen a firework display like it before, so many fireworks going of the same time in all directions.  Local displays are minos in comparison to this, alot of Kendal folk will be disappointed come November 5th when they watch the fireworks at Kendal Castle.

Cumbria Live TV
 have an excellent video of Bombs Per Minute, watch the last half to see how much fireworks were getting set off.

My photos from the 1st night (not many - too dark) - link

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