Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Sport Digital Video Camcorder

I bought myself an couple Mini Sport Digital Video Camcorders from 7DayShop, as you can see from the photo I've taken they are very small.  They are very basic, limited to two options, normal record or record via sound activation.  It's the sound activation and the cheap price that made me want to try them out, I'm thinking they could come in useful when the bird nesting season is upon us again next year.
Not really put it through it's paces yet but so far, quality I would put on par with web-cam's, if you've got good light then the colours filmed look natural.  I bought the £16.99 versions that came with a 4Gb micro sd card, as it worked out a £2 saving from buying a card separately but the downside to having a cheap card is that skipped frames are introduces giving a jerky effect if you footage has alot of movement.  Users recommend getting a least a 'class 4' micro sd card to avoid jerkyness.  Another minus mark of the camera is that videos are time stamped with no option to turn off.

I do like that you can connect it to your PC without the need to software - it comes up as a drive in the explorer.  Driver software is included if you want to use it as a web-cam.

Review from youtube - mine is slightly different, has buttons instead of switches, but has the same attachments

This video is what made me buy the camera

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