Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Election - Top Local Candidate for Banner presence

Continuing this light hearted series, this round I look at which of the 4 local candidates for Westmorland and Lonsdale are making the most with their banner, poster etc... activity in the surrounding area by blitzing the area with their party colours.

Criteria for this is based on my daily commuter route through Kendal and out southwards to the motorway and is based on volume

- In joint third place is UKIP John Mander and Labour Jonathan Todd who I've yet to see a banner for them on my commuter journey

2 - Second place goes to Conservative Gareth McKeever, his banner count in town is low but he does win the biggest banner sub award for his record sized banner on the scaffolding up against the local old conservative HQ.  As you go out of town his volume count begins to increase but some of the banners get canceled out by using shared sites with the Lib Dems which indicates there are some canny or undecided farmers out there possibly renting out the prime sites to the main parties

1 - Number one spot goes to Liberal Democrat Tim Farron, purely on the volume on banners he has in town plus new large banner boards popping up daily outside of town.  One point of note though, last election my end of town was a wash with Lib Dem banners but this time round I've only spotted one, could this be a sign that there are changed or undecided voters?

Update - Westmorland Gazette cartoonist Colin Shelbourn has also undertaken has own banner survey between Windermere and Kendal which match the above results of the southern picture - details on his blog

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Colin Shelbourn said...

Excellent survey using the same rigorously scientific basis as the 2010 Grin-o-Meter. Good to see two unbiased and independent researchers coming to the same conclusions!