Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBC Doctor Who - On Screen Graphics

BBC hit a new low last night with the introduction of a new form of on screen programme advertising to promote it's three main Saturday night programmes.  As you can see from the screenshot below one of these adverts was plastered on screen at a key moment in Doctor Who's climatic speech, totally distracting the audience from the story.

These graphics were part of a new set of channel promo for Total Wipeout, Dr Who and Over the Rainbow, which being programme specific will become redundant once any of these programmes come to an end in the Saturday night schedule.

Last night BBC1 took the format of having a long advert on the programme coming up after the next programme, then advert cartoon of the main three programmes for the Saturday night, then they showed the scheduled programme, then within that programme show on screen graphic of what the next programme coming up is and finally in case you hadn't got the message squeeze the credits and tell the audience what's coming up next.

 For sometime the BBC has squeezed the end credits which makes it very difficult to read any names of the cast and production team, in Dr Who's squeezed BBC used it to advertise some Dr Who books which to me is a commercial advert which shouldn't been appearing on the channel.

Finally Over The Rainbow didn't get the in show graphic ads, only Total Wipeout and Doctor Who had to suffer these distractions. 


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