Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birdbox - Video Capture

To improve how I capture what is going in the birdbox I bought the two items pictured below, each device allows 4 connections but the 4 are shared which means the more connections you add the low the frame rate captured from each connection, also special software is needed to make the most of these and the software I wanted to use only allows manual switching so I won't be able to record from all 4 at the same time.  I'll be using both devices to at least allow access to 2 feeds at full frame rate.

As these came from china the instructions on installing the correct drivers wasn't clear, the usb device I got working with not too much trouble but the pci card device took a few attempts plus some emails to the sellers in china to get it working.

Finally item bought for this year is a new power supple to connect the extra cameras

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