Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow - Weather Predictions

Well the snow/ice is quickly disappearing, from the past few weeks we've learnt a thing or two:-

As technology gets better the weathermens predictions get worst, they predicted a hot summer and mild winter, how wrong can you get it.

Councils can't co-ordinate when it matters (gritting), but can co-ordinate a press statement on the situation 2 weeks after the event has started (but they did need a prod from our local MP)

National media demostrated their southerness by taking no interest the snow situation affecting most of the UK until it fell within the boundaries of the M25 2 weeks later

Twitter demostrated it's local value, snow updates, photos, grit watch

Local MP can add snow clearer to his CV for the experience he gained in the area clearing paths of OAPs, I'm sure he's taking bookings for next year ;)

So if it over?  Well driving home this evening listen to Five Live they were talking about yesterdays announce that the distribution of grit would reduce by 25%, well they've now increased that figure to 50% - Channel 4 News Story

Once the snow/ice disappears the next big problem will the newly formed potholes, if you see a pothole then I recommend you log it on http://www.fixmystreet.com

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steve said...


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