Monday, September 27, 2004

Tooltips added - TV Guide

Had some good feedback, thanks for the comments - as a result I've added tooltips to the programme names and also done abit of tidying up.

v0.2 available at

Tried it out on Mozilla's Firefox - as expected it doesn't work - tried a xml/xsl transformation script for mozilla which just displayed the html contained in my xsl file, none of the data that should be grabbed from the xml file.


Got myself a Palm VIIx from this week, for the give away price of £28 delivered, has 8Mb and backlight.  Personally I'm not one for diaries/organisers, but there is lots of free/cheap software available for it a couple which are very useful.

And I can use it as a glorified remote control, I've also tried the excellent 'What's On for Palm which is free this is a tv guide for the palm that takes advantage of XMLTV, it's fast and 7days worth of listings take up a tenth of my 8mb memory checkout

So I'm all set with a tv guide and remote in one handset, noticed try to sell there palm guide for £15 per year.

Note: don't expect the batteries supplied to last long, the VIIx has a built in wireless aerial that has an internal battery which is charged up by the 2 AAA's, as yet I've not figured out how to turn off the wireless capability as the service is no longer available.  But my rechargable AAA's are holding up well and should last to quoted few weeks on a average usage.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Launch XSL TV Guide

Well my second posting of the day, don't expect my postings to be as regular as this - I've now released my XSL TV Guide available here
It's come along way since I start it developing it 3 weeks ago, up until last night it would only run through my IIS web server as IE doesn't like parameters in the URL when run client side - but a change in coding direction now allows it to be run client side through just an Internet Explorer browser.


Well this is my first posting, trying to find myself around - this blog will give updates on my various hobby projects - the first being a IE browser based TV Guide that uses XMLTV data files. Developed using XSL and a little bit of javascript as a means of view TV listing offline.